SAES student makes splash

In case you’ve been overlooking that little arrow on the right most of the photos atop the A&T splash page, give it a click and you’ll find it’s the pathway to additional photos of faculty and staff selected for spotlighting. Among those spotlighted in the current cycle – in the photo with the “Research” heading — is Jordan Smith Jones, an agricultural and environmental systems major.  The A&T website says that “While Jones’ aspires to eventually be a natural resource specialist, she wants to spend time in the Peace Corps after graduating as an environmental educator.” Jones’ extracurricular activities include work with student organizations to increase campus awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainable management of natural resources. One source of inspiration for that objective was an internship at a firm with a commitment to environmental stewardship that asked interns to use social media to post photos of their community service and updates about what they recycled or reused rather than reports on social and leisure activities.