To the CAES goes the trophy

The CAES is the winner of the A&T Campus Walk Challenge for February, in competition with the Student Health Center. With more than 60 registered participants in the College, walkers logged 9.6 million steps for the four-week challenge.

In addition to bragging rights, the CAES was gifted with a trophy and a banner, on display in the dean’s office at Webb Hall, and a feather banner located at the building entrance.

Dr. Shirley Hymon-Parker, interim dean of the CAES, congratulated participants on the victory during a post pep-rally last month to accept the prizes from Student Health Center organizers. She notes that the true victory, though, is in developing and maintaining a healthy life and work environment, which is the goal of the campus health initiative.


Hymon-Parker not only lead the health challenge in spirit but was the first-prize winner in the number of steps she logged during the four-week competition: 435,370. Second- and third-place winners were Irene Whitaker and Dr. Kathleen Liang, respectively, with 388,798 steps and 378,601.

“Achieving is what Aggies Do! and sustaining lives is what we do in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,” Hymon-Parker says. “Thank you and congratulations to all who participated.”