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The Undergraduate Research Program provides a thorough grounding in “real world” research methods. Students learn to discover how the world works -- and how science is making the world a better place.

Dr. GotepeAgricultural scientists do this by asking questions about food, plants, animals and humans that lead to answers to the big questions that face society. Among them: “What makes plants grow faster, and makes animals healthier?” “How do children learn?” “What new technologies can help slow global warming?” “How can we improve air, soil and water quality?” “How can we make food safer?” “How can we help food and agricultural businesses prosper?” “How can we feed a growing world?”

As a participant in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, you will spend two years doing real world research in a topic that interests you. You will own this project from start to finish. In the process you will find yourself stretching and growing in ways you never dreamed possible, as you become part of a vibrant and inspiring community of scholars at A&T and beyond.

How it works

AhmednaWorking closely with a faculty mentor, you will write a research proposal, create a work plan and budget, gather approvals from the university administration, buy materials, set up experiments or surveys and gather data. Then, you will write up and publish your findings and present them to colleagues at professional conferences. Scholars are paid for their time and supported in travel to conferences.

As a researcher, you can be the first person in the world to discover the answer to a question. And as a participant in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, you can become part of making a better future for us all.
And that’s the best reason why you should talk to your advisor or a faculty mentor about becoming a Research Scholar.
Please begin by browsing the list of faculty mentors and arrange a meeting with those whose research interests mesh with your own long-term goals and career aspirations.

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