Program Initiatives
School of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
North Carolina A&T State University

Human & Community Development

Biotechnology & Biodiversity

Water & Soil Quality

Agromedicine, Nutrition & Food Safety

Small-Scale Agriculture

International Trade & Development

socioeconomic, infrastructure, and public policy analyses for fully optimizing human capital and strengthening communities.... plant and animal systems research, including genetics, with beneficial implications for human wellbeing.... providing solutions to environmental issues which are practical for small-scale farms and communities with limited resources.... promoting health, nutrition and safety in communities that depend on agricultural and natural resource-based industries.... alternative enterprises, niche markets, innovative farmbased businesses and environmentally sustainable production systems.... helping disadvantaged rural communities fuel economic growth by becoming players in the global marketplace....

The mission of the Agricultural Research Program in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is to provide experiential learning opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students in the food, agricultural and environmental sciences; to articulate the meaning of science and technology in agriculture; and to maximize the impact of research that addresses critical local, state, national and international issues.

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