Alternative Enterprises

Program Description:

This program provides Extension educational resources to small-scale producers about the selection of and development of alternative enterprises. These enterprises are primarily horticultural but also include as well livestock, nursery and aquaculture. The program builds on a project funded by Golden Leaf completed this year. It presents findings from on-going research in alternative enterprises and production practices such as organic production at NCA&TSU Farm, the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) and other research stations. It builds on connections with local markets and Extension programs, and research concerning marketing and market analysis, as well as on-farm demonstrations with interested farmers, research from across the country, and around the world. Focus is on enterprise selection based on market research and production management to meet market requirements (such as organic, local and high quality).


Target audience:

Small-scale producers. The program is designed for use by and through participation with the Cooperative Extension Field Faculty and others interested in educational programs to improve small-scale agriculture production management.


Goals and Objectives:

To increase income for small-scale producers through sound production management practices.


Provide an educational program for field faculty with materials to help small-scale producers develop successful skills in:

1. understanding market desires in terms of what can be successfully grown locally,

2. best practices for successful production of high quality agricultural products,

3. sound post harvest handling, and

4. successful market response and delivery.



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