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The C.H. Moore TV studio and satellite services which comprise Agricultural Teleproductions are maintained by the North Carolina A&T State University School of Agriculture and operate in full concurrence with the overall mission, policies and procedures of the Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Research Programs.

Agricultural Teleproductions offers full-service production facilities, and is committed to providing clients the highest quality video and audio productions (electronic presentations) on a timely basis. 

Sound mixing board and operator handsClients

As staff time and production resources allow, Agricultural Teleproductions facilities and services are available to serve other branches of North Carolina A&T State University, as well as governmental, educational and nonprofit agencies not aligned with the university.

Facilities and services are also available to private sector firms and agencies, but all projects undertaken by Agricultural Teleproductions must fit within the university’s mission, as a land-grant university, of teaching, research, extension and outreach. In providing services, both to other branches of North Carolina A&T and to non-university agencies, fees charged by Agricultural Teleproductions are based on fair market pricing of similar vendors in the local market.

Recent clients and projects include:

  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • The Soil Conservation Service
  • Discovering Aquaculture: A New Trend in Agriculture, A Live Videoconference
  • The School of Agriculture

Services and Staff

Agricultural Teleproductions offers a variety of production services that include field and studio production, and satellite downlinking services.

Other services include:

  • Production planning

  • Script writing

  • Full service video production including shooting, directing, producing, and editing

Ron Fisher is a producer, videographer and on-line editor for Agricultural Teleproductions. His responsibilities include planning, production and editing of instructional and educational videotape presentations for faculty in the A&T School of Agriculture and some non-campus clients.


NC A&T State University
CH Moore Agricultural Research Facility
Corner of Lindsay and Beech Streets
Greensboro, NC 27411

Voice: (336) 334-7636
FAX: (336) 334-7429


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