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Dr. John O'SullivanDr. John O'Sullivan, the SAES's professor of sustainable agriculture, local and community food systems, has been invited for a second tour of duty at the start of this coming summer as part of the faculty of the University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea program.  Semester at Sea gives students a chance to take a break from land-locked learning by signing on for a voyage on the 24,300-ton MV Explorer, where classroom studies are complemented and augmented with ports of call. The itinerary for the coming short term, May 21 to June 15, includes Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Belize. O'Sullivan will be teaching an undergraduate course covering "Sustainability of Food and Community," which will explore current policy directions for food production and environmental management, and the challenges of creating sustainable food systems that are sensitive to social justice and local concerns. O'Sullivan was previously on the Semester at Sea faculty in the fall of 2008, when ports of call included Brazil, South Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Japan.

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