Animal magnetism

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The journal Creative Nonfiction has extended the submission deadline to April 2, 2010 for a special issue of essays devoted to the biological, emotional, ethical and physical bonds between humans and animals (wild as well as domestic) and the ways in which these bonds affect and enrich human existence. An editorial priority for the issue is work by writers representing a wide variety of academic disciplines.

Creative Nonfiction will be distributing a total of $1,500 in prize money to authors of essays accepted for its “Animals” issue. There is a $20 minimum reading fee for each submission, but for submissions that arrive with a $25 reading fee, the payment will cover a four-issue subscription to the journal.

Submissions for Creative Nonfiction’s “Animals” issue must be postmarked no later than April 2, no longer than 5,000 words, and "Animals" must be clearly indicated on envelopes and cover letters.

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