Spawn of SAES mushroom research

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Dr. Omon IsihumemhenThe Sunday, March 22 issue of the Salisbury Post ran a 900-word article on John and Brenda Gardner, who are growing shiitake mushrooms organically on their Davidson County farm so proficiently that they also feel qualified to offer workshops covering the production nuances to other landowners interested in shiitake production. The Post article reveals that, “[The Garners] developed a relationship with North Carolina A&T University, which provides them with their mushroom spawn as part of a research program.” That research relationship that has set the footing for the mushroom division at the Garner’s SandyCreek Farm is with Dr. Omon Isikhuemhen, the SAES’s authority on mushroom cultivation and the mycologist who established the Mushroom Biology & Fungal Biotechnolgy Laboratory at the University Farm in full compliance with standards for organic certification. Spawn and substrate produced at the facility and distributed to farmers through a USDA grant to the SAES’s International Trade Center and other programs are certified organic, enabling producers using the A&T spawn and substrate to sell mushrooms produced with the supplies for the premium prices that certification commands.

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