Lion's Mane
Hericium erinacious

Hericium erinacious is commonly called the Lion's Mane, Beard mushroom or Pom Pom. It forms pure white, finely toothed roundish mushroom which have always been a rare, prized find in the woods. It is a common mushroom in the woods all over North Carolina, usually growing out of groves in living hard wood that has experienced extensive heart rot decay. It is a delicious and exotic table mushroom, which can be chopped and sauteed as other mushrooms, or shredded like crab meat and stewed to thicken gravies. Only recently have scientist started to look the medicinal properties of this mushroom and very limited cultivation is happening in the US today. However, this is another mushroom that is easy to grow (the photo above is from our cultivation at MBFBL).


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